Dr Ford’s Ideal During Kavanaugh Hearing

It seems to me that Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing provides the perfect opportunity to restart this blog on an issue very close to me. This will be a short post as I do not intend any in depth legal analysis (if any legal analysis at all).

It is so hard to speak about this topic as it is so close to me. Everything about Kavanaugh’s hearing has infuriated me. A woman who is accusing a white, powerful man of one of the most serious crimes has not even been given a trial. A man, who seeks to secure his position in one of the most powerful positions in the world is allowed to rant on about his good character, whilst his closest family and friends surround him in the front row – an intimidating sight for a woman who must make accusations of this gravity.

I have so many questions. How dare Dr Ford be treated as a victim, as he sits there, surrounded by his family and friends? How dare the Senate refuse an FBI investigation? How dare they accuse other women who were victims of Kavanaugh? How can this man possibly get away with attempted rape, now the facts are out in public? What has the world come to?

It seems to me that we excuse powerful, white men for atrocious acts which we would not excuse our African neighbours for. It seems to me we let them oppress us, while they find further justification for the perpetration of these acts in our acquiescence. It seems to me that they think, or treat us, as if we were born to lie. It seems to me that women are continue to be treated as second class citizens.